Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone, It's me, Sophie, again. It's been almost a month since my last blog posting and I have grown so much since then! Mom and Dad say I am changing everyday, we are all having lots of fun together. It's so nice to have both of my parents around during the day to take care of me. Some of my favorite things to do are to play on my playmat, I love trying to swipe the bugs and look at all of the pretty lights above me; having fun in my bouncy chair  esp. pulling the little rings and birdie hanging above me on the chair as well as chilling in my swing and just hanging w. Mom and Dad. I still love my sleep and milk. Mom and Dad are very proud of me, since I've been sleeping through the night without any problems for the past few weeks. I'm pretty hungry lately and think I may be going through a growth spurt. I am almost 2 whole months old and have my 2 month Drs. check up on Jan. 13. Even though it is cold here in Chicago, I don't know any other weather and enjoy our walks outside, going to friends houses and out for lunch and dinner. We try to go out every other day. I am excited for my first plane ride later this month when we go to visit Nan and Pop in Florida and meet my Auntie Jen, Uncle Freddie and cousin Jakey for the first time. I may even try to go for a swim. I am still not a fan of baths but I think I'll get used to them in the coming months and think swimming in the pool may be fun. I went to my first party on New Years Eve, it was fun and lots of new friends wanted to have cuddles with me. My first Christmas was also great, I got so many fun new toys and pretty clothes.

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