Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spongy Weed

Where has the time gone since our last BOG post 18 months ago? Sophie just turned 20 months. It's been the best 20 months of our lives but has flown by. We are so blessed. Many of her firsts have come and gone and she is now especially developing in spades and we want to document it all on here in lieu of our constant facebook posts. Our intention for this blog is to serve as an online babybook for us to look back at with Soph in years to come as well as share our experiences with you. For now we'll look back at a few of our spongy weed's firsts. There are so many it's tough to keep tabs on them all... Sophie's been pretty consistent with her weight/height growth remaining at around the 25% for weight and 75-90% for height. Firsts: - Rolled over tummy to back 3.5 months/back to tummy 4 months. - First teeth came in at 5 months (two bottom same day). No fuss. - First plane ride was at 2 months to visit Nana and Pop in Florida, followed by the big trip to Australia when I was 5 months. - Started crawling at around 7 months - Standing at 8 months - Took first steps at 9 months - Spoke first words besides Mama, Dada, Nana, Popa which were pumpkin and button at 10 months - Started singing at 11 months and hasn't stopped since - Started waving at 7 months - Baptism on May 29, 7 months. First birthday was at the Brunk Children's Museum of Immigration on Clark Street. It was a cupcake and button themed party. We'll look to keep up with this blog on a more consistent basis and look forward to documenting our little one's special moments and milestones here as well as take a look back and reminiscence about special moments that have passed.

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  1. Hi Guys, Who would have thought having kids could be so much fun!! Lots of magic moments for us as well. We know just where you are coming from. ..Tok and Kara and Oliver (Christopher due in November as well)