Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Stretch Approaches

We've reached the home stretch as I approach the third trimester. Only about 90 days to go. I still can't believe just how quickly this pregnancy has gone to date and I am still feeling really great.

Marg and Don left this week to continue with their travels in Europe; Rich spoke to them yesterday and they are having an amazing time in Prague. We had such a nice visit with them over the past month. It's back to a bit of normalcy for us now. Our road trip was lots of fun and just flew by so quickly. Weezie's already seen and done so much and hasn't even been born yet -- from a carriage ride through Charleston's historic streets, walking tours through the Savannah squares in the sweltering heat and enjoying amazing Southern meals to visiting the White House (and even resting on White House furniture in the Green Room) as well as tours of our nation's monuments and museums - it was a great respite, with lots and lots of walking and we are so glad to have enjoyed it all with our parents (and Kevin in Charleston). Weezie was moving a lot, giving everyone kicks, so I think she enjoyed her time too.

We arrived home to boxes of gifts that were delivered to the house, including the crib, stroller system, mobile and pack and play. We are so grateful and thankful for everyone's generosity. We already have everything we received put together and the nursery is coming together nicely. In typical Rich fashion, while unpacking from the trip he took off the tags on all of the baby clothing we received and bought special baby detergent and has already washed all of her clothes.

We now look forward to our next trip to Dallas for lil' Jake's baptism next weekend. We are both very excited to be his Godparents and look forward to some more family time. Dallas trip will be followed up later this month by a visit by my mom, a shower here in Chicago (thanks Katie B!) and a last minute babymoon to Toronto which Rich has arranged. The fun times continue!

PS- It looks like the poll is tied to date. Out of habit I've continued to refer to our lil girl as Weezie but  happy for others to refer to her as Maisie or Weezie Wee, Weezie May, Maisie Wee, etc.. for the time being.