Monday, May 17, 2010

New Sensations

Yesterday marked week 15 and I am still feeling great. I think I've begun to feel the baby moving last night, it was a strange but exciting sensation. It's hard to tell since I have nothing really to compare it to. I've also begun to show a bit more recently and will need to take/post belly pics soon. Last week was great as Weezie took his/her first in utero flight since being conceived, making his/her way to Texas (on Mother's Day) where I got the chance to meet our adorable little nephew Jacob and catch up w. Mom, Dad, Jen and Freddie. Jen and Freddie are doing great in their new role as mom and dad and my folks are loving being new grandparents. I don't think they've settled on names to be called yet, but know that Nana, Nan, Gram were a few thoughts for Mom and Pops, Pop and Grandpa may have been top contenders for Dad. I think at last chat they decided on Nana and Pop. I returned home to Chicago late Wednesday and have had some Jacob withdrawals ever since. Now really can't wait to have our own little one, which I know will be here before we know it. We had an appointment on Thursday and heard lil Weezie's heartbeat once again, no ultrasounds this time but can't wait til our 20 week appointment when we see Weezie again. All is continuing to progress nicely. We recently had tours of a few local hospitals and have decided to move forward w. the newer, more cutting-edge Northwestern Prentice over Illinois Masonic (where my OB Dr. Sodini delivers). I love Dr.Sodini so it was hard letting her know that we'll be moving on but she was great as always and understood completely. After writing this posting I'll need to contact a new OB and book next appointment. Prentice is a new women's facility downtown built in 2007, which looks more like a five-star hotel than hospital. We've had some not so great experiences in the past at Masonic and are confident we are making the right choice.