Tuesday, September 28, 2010

40 Days and a Baby Class Haze

Hi everyone, Kristin and Baby Weezie are going great, 34 weeks and counting. It is getting close, each time I go to my iGoogle home page I am reminded via a countdown app, today it says 40 days to go. Time has really flown by so far.

Last night we did a Baby Basics class were were learnt to swaddle, change and feed a baby, it was informative and a little daunting. Last week we did the Great Expectations class where we were put through our passes with all the labor and pre/postnatal stuff, this class was more intense, I was sure not to ask any really dumb questions.

We encourage everyone to go to www.bebepool.com/kawowen, Kristin has created a bit of a guessing game there, where you can predict Baby Weezie's measurements, date/time of birth, eye and hair color. The prize will be the envy of your peers.

Oh and in case anyone missed it the in utero nickname vote recently closed, the result was Weezie 17 Maisie 14. It was close but Weezie prevailed.

On a sad note, Kristin's Grandfather passed away late last week. Michael Blake was 94 years old. He served his country in WWII. We all called him 'Popi', he was such a good man, ever devoted to his wife (Nani), who passed away 2 months ago. We will always remember Popi and his songs, which we will be sure to sing to our Baby.