Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today Rich and I celebrate our third year of wedding bliss- 070707 seems like just yesterday but in retrospect so much has happened since then - moving to Chicago, buying our first place, new jobs, lost jobs, fulfilling a dream of visiting Paris and Rome together, and of course falling pregnant with our lil Weezie- just to name a few.

I know it's been mentioned in previous posts, but since about week 19 I've been able to clearly feel Weezie's movements in utero which is such a cool and exciting new sensation. What makes it even more fun is that as of last week, Rich has also been able to feel a few kicks. We look forward to the coming weeks when we know we'll be feeling her even more as she gets bigger and stronger. The timing of this new milestone is perfect as Rich's parents, Marg and Don, will be arriving from Oz tomorrow for a month-long visit and we head to visit with my family in a week's time. We look forward to spending quality time with everyone and hope Weezie has some kicks to give for everyone to enjoy in the coming weeks. As part of our travels we can't wait for our baby shower in Florida as well as our road trip with both sets of parents from Florida-Savannah-Charleston-DC. We'll be sure to document everything with Rich's new Flip cam, a gift I got him for his birthday.

Weezie stats: Apparently the approximate size of a papaya - 8 inches long; 1.2 lbs. Most active around noon, 4:30pm and 8pm.