Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi Family and Friends,
It's official! We are very excited and happy to announce that we are expecting our first little one on November 7, 2010! I'm about 10 weeks 6 days along and we had our first official prenatal appointment today. All has been going well and we even got to hear the little one's heartbeat which was a special moment. We have had a few other ultrasound appointments previously over the course of the past month or so as well where we've seen the little flicker of the heart which was also very cool. All is continuing to progress nicely. I've been feeling great besides having some bouts of tiredness throughout the day which I'm hoping will pass in the next few weeks as I approach my second trimester. I know I need to take advantage of the opportunities now to squeeze in as much rest as possible. I've also started busting out with the belly bands our friend Carly graciously provided as a few of my favorite jeans are getting a bit snug. Generally, no real belly to show just yet, more feeling and looking like I've had one too many cheeseburgers (bloated).

Just finished up my afternoon nap and now we are off for a walk to enjoy this amazing weather!
Kristin, Richard and Baby Owen
This is the first of what will hopefully be many posts and we'll look to update with weekly progress or stories on how we all are doing (Kristin, Richard and Baby Owen). As with most things we will be sharing the blogging responsibilities. Any spelling or grammar mistakes are most likely to be Richard's. We hope that you save this site as a favorite and check in when you are able to, leaving a comment or two would be awesome.