Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi, I'm Sophie

Me in my cool shirt Daddy made especially for me.
Hi Everyone, My name is Sophie Grace Owen and I can't wait to meet you all! I know Mom and Dad have been in contact w. lots of you but for those that don't know I came into this great big world on November 12 at 5:49pm after a long, long day. I was a bit bigger than anyone really expected weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. Mom says her contractions started at around midnight, just a few hours after she had asked me to hold off coming until the morning so she could get a good nights sleep after having a delicious dinner at Terragusto, but I just couldn't wait any longer to get the party started. She woke Daddy and they made their way to the hospital at around 2 a.m. Mom received an epidural after waiting it out for a couple of hours at the hospital, which she was very thankful for and calls a godsend. Mom,  Dad and I spent most of the day just chilling out and resting while Mom contracted and continued to dilate naturally. At about 2pm the pushing started. I was so close to coming out, I could hear the conversations happening around me. Daddy, the midwife, nurses and Dr. McNair could see the top of my head and my brown hair. Mom pushed and pushed very hard for three hours but I was just too comfy where I was and wasn't budging. Mom was also dealing with a fever and my heartrate dropped a bit, that's when everyone decided it was time I meet the world and an emergency c-section was quickly arranged. In a matter of minutes, I was welcomed into the world. Mom says it was a great big birthday party for me as at least 20 people from the hospital were in the room to greet me and we were both very carefully looked after. I was pretty proud when I was told my apgar score was a 9.5 out of 10, with all things considered the Peds seemed impressed. They were also surprised by my neck strength. I've been holding my head up high on my own since birth. Dr. McNair's first reaction once she pulled me out of Mom was "She's all CHEEKS!!". I've been told I get my gorgeous cheeks from Dad and he's warned me that a life of cheek squeezes and kisses could be in store. Nana and Pop brought pictures of Mom when she was just born and I have to say that we do look so much alike too. I am a very healthy baby, a great eater from the start. I rarely spit up, I've inherited my mom's champion burping skills and, like my parents, I really enjoy my sleep. I've already had a few great adventures out of the house even though it's been freezing cold. I especially love car rides and going for walks.

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  1. Yeah! glad things are going well and it sounds like your parents are taking you out in the world which I think is pretty important! xoxo