Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weezie is 38 Weeks and 2 days - 95.7% Baked!

We are officially down to the wire. Only 12 days left til we reach lil' Weezie's November 7th due date. Our www.bebepool.com/kawowen closes in 2 days so get your votes in if you haven't already!

The 37 week check up last Monday went well, we met with another OB practitioner at NMPG and he, like the others we've met with, was great. At that stage I was a surprising 1 1/2 cm dilated, the baby's head was at 0 station and engaged meaning I could go into official labor at any moment, could be hours, days, weeks no one knows. After the appointment I treated myself to a Bliss 'Mama to Be' massage and bikini wax, nice but probably not the best idea after the appointment. Once we got home that's evening I was having some intense pelvic and groin pain where at one stage I couldn't move my legs, poor Rich had to come over to my side of the bed each time I needed to roll over to help move. Thankfully, that pain went away by morning and I know it's just my body prepping itself for the big "D" Day. I've been having some occasional cramping lately and get really winded quickly these days but nothing too intense. I've been able to get some frequent rest and am just taking it easy getting as much done as possible before the lil' one gets here- from shopping, errands and cleaning to hanging out with friends and getting some pampering (mani/pedi, massage, haircut). Rich has been a great help with everything.

Coincidentally, we've been spending a lot of time with friends with young kids lately. This past weekend we had our friend's Jen and Randall's little Weston's 1st birthday party which was chock-full of kids of all ages; last weekend we visited with our friend's LP and Sonia who just had a baby girl, Samira- a prelude into what we can expect of our lives and how it will change in just a few short days. We also caught up with our friends Jon and Kate and their twin girls on the same weekend.

Our next appointment is on Friday where we hope to get more exciting news about the progression of the pregnancy. Here's to hoping I continue to progress smoothly, Weezie is still ready to go and we get to hold her in our arms sooner rather than later. I know this time will fly by!

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  1. Sooooo exciting!!!! So Happy for both of you. Love Aunt Marie