Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 and a Watermelon

Happy 10-10-10 everyone!  It's our nephew Archer's 1st birthday in Australia, what a cool date to celebrate! Happy Birthday, lil' man. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! It's amazing how quickly time flies as we remember like it was just yesterday receiving the news of his arrival. The days continue to pass so fast for us too and I can't believe we've already reached week 36 (9 months) and only have 28 days to go before our EDD. Only one week til we reach full term mark :). Tomorrow is our 36 week check up, I know the pregnancy continues to progress as normal but wish we could be given a firm date as to when to expect to go into labor. Suppose it's fine to be kept on our toes, keeps things interesting. Weezie is the approximate size of a watermelon (yum! one of my only cravings throughout the pregnancy). She is hiccuping heaps which I love (pretty much like clock work every night at around 9:30pm and again every other day at around 4pm). She also continues to roll around lots. I haven't had any chronic symptoms thus far, only one night of sore ribs, the occasional achy back, and a bit of pressure recently. I've continued to be able to sleep really well and don't think I've experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions yet.

Rich and I are proud, recent graduates of two classes - Baby Basics and Infant CPR. The CPR class was definitely worthwhile and recommended. I've been very impressed with Rich's active participation in all of the classes so far and the pointed questions he asks. If we were to be graded on class participation he'd definitely be top of the class. Next up is Wednesday night's breastfeeding class. Not sure if he'll be as comfortable with actively participating in this one! I'll keep you posted.

We've been making a point of doing a few things to prepare for the baby each week as well as getting out and enjoying each other and spending time with friends at least a few times a week. This week's baby prep involves finishing packing the overnight bag and heading to the Children's Hospital to get our car seat installation inspected as well as the breastfeeding class. Last week we met with our pediatrician, Dr. Levine, we are really comfortable with her and her staff and she came highly recommended.

Rich unfortunately dislocated his patella (knee cap) on Friday night and we've been a bit house bound, owing to living on the third floor walk up. We are hoping to get him in to see a specialist tomorrow (although I think he'll be competing for appointments with all of the Chicago marathon runners from today). We're confident that he will fully recover soon! Thanks so much to our friends who have come by to visit and especially to our friend Dave White who came over on Saturday morning with much appreciated and needed supplies to help w. recovery.

Before I sign off, just a quick reminder to get your baby pool stats in ASAP. Thanks to all of you that have participated already! Pool will close in the next few weeks. I love checking to see what everyone's thoughts are on Weezie's stats, it's my latest obsession. I think it may be because, frankly, I like stats and friendly competition, but above all with each entry I enjoy envisioning and revisiting the possibilities of what our lil' one may be like and when she may arrive. Again, the site is Winner will be the envy of their peers and also receive naming rights to the special stuffed koala I made for Weezie. xoxo

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  1. LOVE this, congrats to both you and Rich. You guys will be great parents!