Friday, September 17, 2010

13 Flights and Counting

Richard and I with CN Tower. Richard is wearing
a new Canadian pullover with a Beaver on it.
Our nice, relaxing "Babymoon" weekend went by quickly but was a welcome respite for us all. It's always fun to explore a new city and only a cruisy hour flight away from Chicago, Toronto was the perfect locale to head to. We didn't plan much and took it fairly easy as I've been losng a lot of steam quicker than usual owing to the pregnancy, of course. We did get to see and do a bit, regardless, including checking out the famous St. Lawerence Market, just down the block from our hotel. We purchased some great local cheeses, marinated veggies and meat pies to have later that day at our hotel, which was more like a full service apartment with kitchenette, in the heart of downtown. The market was similar to the Vic. Market in Melbourne. I miss these sorts of places and only wish we had something similar here in Chicago. We did a bit of shopping along Yonge Street followed by some much needed and appreciated 'Mama-to-Be' spa treatments that Rich arranged for me - heavenly!

On Sunday we headed to the CN Tower, I believe this is still considered the world's tallest tower, for an early lunch at their 360 rotating restaurant. I definately recommend booking at the restaurant as opposed to waiting in line for the few hours to get to the top of the Tower like many, many others did. For $10 more than the regular admission to the Tower top you get a nice meal in a very relaxed setting and truly get to take in the sites of the city without feeling rushed or claustrophobic. We also got to take in the Toronto airshow while having our lunch (doesn't even compare with the Chicago Air Show). Toronto had some similarities to both Melbourne and Chicago, from some of the old Victorian buildings, markets and coffees in Melbourne to being a large city on one of the Great Lakes like Chicago (albeit I don't think Toronto takes full advantage of their proximity to the lake nearly as well as Chitown). 

On the quick hop home I had realized that Weezie has been on 13 flights in utereo including a few trips to Texas and NJ, NY, Florida, DC, and this last trip to Toronto; she's also been on a few road trips to WI, GA, SC, DC. Quite the lil' traveler already! If only we could accrue frequent flyer miles for her as I know through the years, she'll be traveling with us a lot more and the miles would come in handy for our trips back to Oz.

Date night tonight as Rich and I head on a dinner cruise on the lake downtown. Taking advantage of the last 7 remaining weekends as a couple sans baby. Tomorrow we'll be consumed by all things baby as we will be taking an all day "Great Expectations" class at the hospital. We'll be sure to send a follow up as to what we learned.

Oh yeah, this week's Drs. appointment went well. Met a new, great Dr. in the group, Weezie's heartbeat is beating strong at 160 bpm, she's head down but still moving lots and all looking great so far. Results of my 3 hour glucose test were all fine too.

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