Saturday, June 12, 2010

XY or XX? TBD soon!

Not long to go before we head to our big 20 week appointment on June 22. As mentioned in a previous posting, we switched hospitals and therefore will be meeting with a new doctor for this long-awaited appointment.
It's nearly last call for those of you that haven't cast your vote on what you think lil' Weezie is! Boys at the moment are in the lead although I have a feeling Weezie is a girl. This run of boys being born has to stop at some stage! Either way we're thrilled to find out and hope that Weezie cooperates and there are no issues about finding out during the scheduled appointment. We'll be asking the ultrasound tech to not tell us at the appointment, but rather write it down and put in envelope which we'll open later in the day together. Also hoping to get a DVD of the ultrasound to share w. those interested. Next week is an exciting time, along with the appointment it's also Father's Day here in the U.S. on June 20, Rich is excited that he'll always have two Father's Days as in Oz it's on September 6. It's also Rich's birthday on June 26. So we'll have a bit to celebrate.
We've had a great past few weeks, the Memorial Day weekend trip to Lake Geneva was a welcome get-away but highly unlikely to be anything like the Hampton's as a few Midwesterners claim. The resort we stayed at had it's issues, but we were able to enjoy the pool and get a few good swims in which was nice. Once returning back to Chicago, our good friends Katie and Darrell came for a visit from Florida. We had such a fun time playing tourist and checking out the sites that our great city has to offer as well as catch up with good ol' friends; not to mention, Weezie went to his/her first beer festival in Lincoln Square, Mayfest. Chicago has finally come alive recently owing to some warmer weather, festival season as well as our Blackhawks taking home the Stanley Cup this past Thursday. The vibe in this city has been exciting.


  1. What a great pic of you three. Who's your photographer? Ha, ha. Can't wait to find out the sex. Are you going to put the results on fb or send it to us in an envelope? Either way we can't wait to hear. Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday, Rich!

  2. Timmy, Fi, Fletch and ?June 14, 2010 at 6:08 AM

    Very exciting news guys, Kristin you look fantastic. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick recovery Rich, Couvade Syndrome can be hell.