Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nickname In Utereo

For the time being, Kristin and I have decided on naming Baby Owen; Lil Weezie.

Lil' Weezie (AKA: Lil Wayne, Dwayne Carter, Young Weezie and Weezie) is a rapper and a musical genuis. I read an interesting article about him in Rolling Stone soon after finding out Kristin was pregnant. He was touted and being the 'Best Rapper Alive'. Sadly, he is currently serving a 9 month stint in jail on some trumped up weapons charges. He is due to be released around the time Kristin is due, which is part of the reason behind the in utereo nickname for Baby Owen. To learn more about Lil Wayne go to

Kristin had a bit of trepidation w. the nickname at first but liked the correlation that he and our unborn child were both stuck on the 'inside' for 9 months, learning and growing as a person in that time. I've been noticing it's catching on quite a bit with her recently. There were other options but Lil Weezie has won out for the time being over the others.

The real name of Baby Owen will be kept under wraps until birth.

Let us know of any interesting in utereo nicknames you may have heard over the years. A few of our friends with young ones have had some cute in utereo nicknames including Nubbin and Sprinks. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to vote on the sex of Lil Weezie, although this most likely will not influence the outcome.


  1. I love you too little one but I think your Nickname is TOO ASTHMATIC!
    -perhaps something more appropriate for a child who will grow to love Pa's sausage rolls could be
    "little Fang".
    luv ya heaps

  2. Fantastic news you 2! Friends of ours who just had twins gave them both the middle name 'Danger'. I kid you not...

  3. Weezie can also be a girls nickname. I have heard my brother refer to his wife as weezie. The Jeffersons wife is Weezie. Not just a rapper in jail on a trumped charge.

    love you baby weezie.

  4. both weezie's are gonna kick ya ass when they get out, good luck with that Big' Weezie

  5. Umm. . . looks like they may not be getting their freedom at the same time unless your Lil Weezy decides to stay in a while longer.